NEW:  Long-Term Stock Exchange’s Michelle Greene summarizes concerns that have led to current sentiment questioning the “shareholder primacy” doctrine and proposing corporate consideration of stakeholder interests, and proposed strategies for stakeholder engagement and involvement, particularly of employees, in corporate governance in Let’s Get Concrete About Stakeholder Capitalism.

Glass Lewis discusses employee participation in corporate strategy and decision-making through ownership of company stock and representation on the board of directors, with examples of those practices in Germany, in Worker Participation: Employee Ownership and Representation.

Worker Representation on U.S. Corporate Boards advocates inclusion of employee representatives on corporate boards of directors, proposes reforms, and discusses considerations for implementation of employee board representation.

Labor in the Boardroom examines possible consequences of including employee representatives on corporate boards by comparing production, wage, and financial metrics at companies before and after abolition of a German law requiring that one-third of stock corporations’ board seats be elected by employees, where stockholders solely controlled newly incorporated stock corporations.