NEW: Making Corporate Social Responsibility Pay proposes the use of corporate social responsibility bonds to incentivize socially-responsible corporate actions by offsetting costs associated with such actions and providing creditors with governance rights, forgiving loans or reducing interest  if the borrower acts in a socially responsible manner, or requiring repayment with higher interest if the borrower fails to act in a socially responsible manner.

Corporate Purpose in Play: The Role of ESG Investing discusses the rise of Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations as relevant to investors, and potential impediments to the further r growth in ESG investing.

Edelman discusses issues that shape financial institutions’ investment choices in view of increasing interest in Environmental, Social-impact, and Governance practices in Wake Up Call for Corporate Leaders.

Does Money Talk? Market Discipline Through Selloffs and Boycotts examines how different types of investors react to Environmental and Social risk and the effectiveness of investor behavior as a source of market discipline encouraging improvement of firms’ E&S policies.