The Delaware Court of Chancery, in Jeffrie J. Silverberg, et al. v. Shan Padda, et al. [Health Integrated], C.A. No. 2017-0250-KSJM, letter op. (Del. Ch. Oct. 18, 2019), denied reargument of a prior decision finding that plaintiff failed to establish the existence of a control group, finding that the Supreme Court’s decision in Jeffrey J. Sheldon, et al. v. Pinto Technology Ventures, LP, et al., No. 81, 2019, opinion (Del. Oct. 4, 2019), did not change the applicable “control group” analysis.

Morris James discusses the decision in Chancery Denies Motion for Reargument, Finding No Change to Delaware Legal Principles for Existence of “Control Group” of Stockholders.