NEW:  D&O Diary’s Kevin LaCroix discusses the latest stockholder action challenging alleged failures to achieve board diversity and misleading disclosures regarding commitments to diversity filed against NortonLifeLock in NortonLifeLock Hit with Board Diversity Derivative Suit.

Cleary Gottlieb discusses stockholder actions challenging alleged failure to uphold commitments to diversity at Oracle, Facebook, and Qualcomm in 3 Cases Spotlight Shareholder Interest In Public Co. Diversity.

The Origins and Real Effects of the Gender Gap: Evidence from CEOs’ Formative Years examines demographic data on the socioeconomic backgrounds of CEOs, finding CEOs raised in male-dominated families—those where the father was the only income earner and had more education than the mother—hire fewer women and allocate smaller capital budgets to female managers.

Shearman & Sterling discusses stockholder breach of fiduciary duty actions suits recently filed against directors and officers of Oracle, Facebook, and  Qualcomm based on failure to uphold commitments to diversity in Shareholder Derivative Complaints Allege Lack Of Board And Senior Executive Diversity.

Gender and Executive Job Mobility: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions – examines gender differences in job mobility based on senior managers displaced when their employers are acquired, finding a significant “gender penalty” for women.

Wachtell discusses increasing pressures public companies face to increase gender and racial diversity on boards in Corporate Governance Update: Raising the Stakes for Board Diversity.

D&O Diary’s Kevin LaCroix discusses ra ecent derivative breach of fiduciary duty and securities actions challenging alleged failures to achieve board diversity and misleading disclosures to stockholders regarding commitments to internal policies regarding diversity filed against Qualcomm in Qualcomm Hit with Board Racial Diversity Derivative Lawsuit.

D&O Diary’s Kevin LaCroix discusses recent derivative breach of fiduciary duty and securities actions challenging alleged failures to achieve board diversity and misleading disclosures to stockholders regarding commitments to internal policies regarding diversity filed against Oracle and Facebook in Oracle Directors Hit with Derivative Suit on Board Diversity Issues, and Facebook Board Hit with Derivative Lawsuit on Board Diversity and Other Race-Related Issues.

Barington Capital Group discusses its activist investor perspective on board diversity that companies benefit most from demographically diverse directors who also help improve cognitive diversity in the boardroom in Maximizing the Benefits of Board Diversity: Lessons Learned From Activist Investing.

Keith Bishop discusses a bill introduced in the California legislature that would require domestic and foreign publicly held corporations having their principal place of business in California to include individuals who are African-American, Hispanic, or Native American on their board of directors in Bill Would Impose Minimum Number Of “Directors From An Underrepresented Community”.

The New York City Office of the Comptroller discussed progress of its Boardroom Accountability program in obtaining commitments from companies with which it does business to engage in search processes that ensure that women and people of color are considered for executive and board positions in NYC Comptroller’s Boardroom Accountability 3.0 Results.

Shearman & Sterling reports that a recent amendment to Washington State corporation law require that public companies have a “gender-diverse board” by January 1, 2022 or provide board diversity disclosures in Washington State Becomes Next to Mandate Gender Diversity on Boards.

Jackson Lewis discusses measures that twelve states have enacted or are considering to enhance diversity on corporate boards in States are Leading the Charge to Corporate Boards: Diversify!

Cooley discusses research suggesting that, despite recent efforts to promote diversity on corporate boards, diversity in corporate executive positions remains low, in The sorry state of C-suite diversity.

Wachtell reports the dismissal of a lawsuit challenging California’s law mandating gender diversity on corporate boards for lack of standing in Creighton Meland v. Alex Padilla, C.A. No. 19-2288, compl. (E.D. Cal. Nov. 13, 2019), noting that plaintiff has already appealed the ruling, in Federal District Court Dismisses Challenge to Board Diversity Statute.

Davis Polk reports that the New York City Comptroller announced 75% of companies have approved stockholder proposals establishing diversity search policies seeking to increase board representation by women and people of color, submitted by the New York City Retirement Systems as part of the city’s Boardroom Accountability Project 3.0, which seeks to foster diversity in leadership of companies in which the Retirement System invests, in NYC Comptroller Stringer Reports Progress on Project to Boost Board/CEO Diversity.

Cooley reports that Creighton Meland v. Alex Padilla, C.A. No. 19-2288, compl. (E.D. Cal. Nov. 13, 2019), a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of California’s board gender diversity statute filed by a conservative legal organization on behalf of a public company stockholder has been dismissed for lack of standing in  Federal District Court dismisses a challenge to California board gender diversity statute.

Cooley reports findings that California’s California’s SB 826 board gender diversity statute has led to significant gains in board diversity, and discusses other states that have introduced similar legislation in Will other states follow California in adopting board gender diversity mandates?

Reuters reports Goldman Sachs’ announcement that from June 30, it will only help take companies having at least one diverse member company, citing superior performance of such companies after going public, in Goldman Sachs to companies: Hire at least one woman director if you want to go public.

Spencer Stuart discusses key takeaways from the 2019 U.S. Spencer Stuart Board Index finding that boards have increasingly added new directors with diversity of gender, age, race/ethnicity and professional backgrounds, but that board turnover remains low, with new directors representing only 8% of all S&P 500 directors. 2019 U.S. Spencer Stuart Board Index.

Deloitte discusses the latest statistics on global boardroom diversity, efforts to increase gender diversity in 66 countries, and political, social, and legislative trends. Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective.

Keith Paul Bishop discusses a study of negative effects of California’s SB 826, imposing gender quotas on the boards of publicly traded companies headquartered in California. Business Professors Find “Large Negative Stock Market Reaction” To California’s Board Quota Law.

The New York City Comptroller calls on boards of directors to adopt a policy requiring that searches for director and officer candidates include qualified female and racially/ethnically diverse candidates, and candidates from non-traditional environments such as government, academic, or non-profit. NYC Comptroller Boardroom Accountability 3.0.

Davis Polk’s Betty Moy Huber and Paula H. Simpkins report findings from the 2019 U.S. Spencer Stuart Board Index that S&P 500 companies are accelerating the addition of women and minority directors. Spencer Stuart Shows How Boards Are Transforming.